The Early Years Foundation Stage covers the area of your child’s education from birth to the end of their first year at school; it is made up of Early Learning Goals based on seven areas of learning, and is what we use to develop our medium term curriculum and to base our daily session plans upon.


Each Early Learning Goal is broken down into elements, which are manageable targets used to track, assess and record each child’s progression in their Record Books. As a result we are able to plan, assess and teach, to meet the diverse needs of each child. All activities provided throughout our day are based on our curriculum and target a particular learning area.

During our Focus Group time children are divided into groups according to their age and development. An adult is with each group and leads the activities – which could include stories, games, building, talking about a particular subject or other activities depending on the Early Learning Goals towards which they are working. This means that all our children – from the youngest to the pre-reception children – participate in appropriate activities.

We are very much aware that children learn with their hearts as well as their minds and our main aim is to provide a happy safe and stimulating environment for children to develop their enthusiasm and learning skills in literacy and numeracy. All children are encouraged to communicate, become independent, self- confident and creative, to have an understanding of the world and their own environment and feel happy and comfortable in the company of others – and most of all to have FUN.


Desired Outcomes

Throughout our organisation we constantly evaluate our services against the DFES National Standards for Day care and Out of School Care, and the five desirable outcomes from the Governments Every Child Matters paper:

Staying Safe

Being Healthy

Enjoying and Achieving

Making a Positive Contribution

Economic Wellbeing

To list the activities we provide and the measures put into place, to ensure all children achieve these outcomes would be a whole document in itself! For more information on the 5 outcomes please talk to a member of our team.


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